The Extortion Ring

A ReprimandAnnell (blowhard thug) talks with Locio (travelling merchant). Something the merchant says turns the thug pale.
Thug LifeDania (bard) is warned about paying his fair share of "insurance" by a blowhard band of thugs.
The Burning ForgeOne of the smaller forges in town catches fire. Adric (smith) is livid, and takes his frustrations out on an apprentice. Nobody seems convinced that the apprentice is to blame.
Temporarily DetainedLiriene (guard) catches Oren (young thief) in the marketplace. They go into an alley where the guard takes something from the thief and lets him escape. They seem familiar with each other.
Chain of CommandAeril (guard captain) and Locio (travelling merchant) have a pleasant lunch. Their talk seems to be all business, and somewhat less than legal.
The Bloody MerchantHilda (shopkeeper) is found badly beaten behind his shop. He blames himself for taking out the trash so late and will not press charges.

Dania (bard)Pert and hilarious. Scratches.
Aeril (guard captain)Uncontrolled and unbiased. Has oily skin or hair.
Liriene (guard)Glamorous and fake. Wears a scarf around wrists.
Hilda (shopkeeper)Petty and lordly. Wears rings in hair.
Annell (blowhard thug)Simple and narcissistic. Is bald.
Adric (smith)Scared and moping. Uses long words incorrectly.
Locio (travelling merchant)Risk-taking and dignified. Wears flower in hair.
Oren (young thief)Simple and lucky. Is blind.

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