The Extortion Ring

Temporarily DetainedAnnell (guard) catches Oren (young thief) in the marketplace. They go into an alley where the guard takes something from the thief and lets him escape. They seem familiar with each other.
The Burning ForgeOne of the smaller forges in town catches fire. Aeril (smith) is livid, and takes his frustrations out on an apprentice. Nobody seems convinced that the apprentice is to blame.
The Good LifeEllyn (guard captain) wears subtle but extremely expensive adornment. Investigation reveals a lower-class upbringing and a moderate town salary.
Thug LifeGyleon (bard) is warned about paying his fair share of "insurance" by a blowhard band of thugs.
Family RelationsAeril (smith) and Lucien (bloody merchant) are spotted together. They are brothers and are trying to find Hilda (shopkeeper's daughter).
The Missing GirlRumors circulate that Hilda (shopkeeper's daughter) has gone missing.

Gyleon (bard)Conceited and suave. Ogles the opposite sex openly.
Annell (guard)Finicky and tireless. Scratches.
Ellyn (guard captain)Persistent and handsome. Smells like sweat.
Aeril (smith)Nervous and goal orientated. Has leaves in hair.
Hilda (shopkeeper's daughter)Lonely and dreary. Has very long, lacquered nails.
Oren (young thief)Selfish and unconcerned. Is blind.
Lucien (bloody merchant)Kind hearted and enchanting. Offers exotic beverages or foods.

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