The Extortion Ring

Chain of CommandHilda (guard captain) and Ellyn (travelling merchant) have a pleasant lunch. Their talk seems to be all business, and somewhat less than legal.
The Good LifeHilda (guard captain) wears subtle but extremely expensive adornment. Investigation reveals a lower-class upbringing and a moderate town salary.
A Clandestine ExchangeA clandestine exchange occurs in a dark alley.
The Burning ForgeOne of the smaller forges in town catches fire. Nyssa (smith) is livid, and takes his frustrations out on an apprentice. Nobody seems convinced that the apprentice is to blame.
A ReprimandOren (blowhard thug) talks with Ellyn (travelling merchant). Something the merchant says turns the thug pale.
The Missing GirlRumors circulate that Liriene (shopkeeper's daughter) has gone missing.

Hilda (guard captain)Cynical and predictable. Has a scar.
Oren (blowhard thug)Feisty and ugly. Twists a ring incessantly.
Nyssa (smith)Capricious and light-hearted. Has arthritis.
Liriene (shopkeeper's daughter)Ungrateful and inflexible. Mixes languages.
Ellyn (travelling merchant)Conversational and overwhelmed. Has arthritis.

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