The Extortion Ring

The Missing GirlRumors circulate that Locio (shopkeeper's daughter) has gone missing.
Quenched SorrowsAdric (smith) gets drunk, and lets some things slip. It's obvious he needs help, but he's very proud of his capabilities.
Family RelationsAdric (smith) and Giles (bloody merchant) are spotted together. They are brothers and are trying to find Locio (shopkeeper's daughter).
Chain of CommandDania (guard captain) and Annell (travelling merchant) have a pleasant lunch. Their talk seems to be all business, and somewhat less than legal.
A Clandestine ExchangeA clandestine exchange occurs in a dark alley.
The Good LifeDania (guard captain) wears subtle but extremely expensive adornment. Investigation reveals a lower-class upbringing and a moderate town salary.

Dania (guard captain)Inactive and spontaneous. Mixes gibberish with words.
Adric (smith)Sexual and tired. Picks teeth with knife or fingernails.
Locio (shopkeeper's daughter)Jittery and elated. Picks teeth with knife or fingernails.
Giles (bloody merchant)Capricious and straight laced. Smells like cedar wood.
Annell (travelling merchant)Ethical and contented. Smells like roses.

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