The Extortion Ring

Temporarily DetainedOren (guard) catches Hilda (young thief) in the marketplace. They go into an alley where the guard takes something from the thief and lets him escape. They seem familiar with each other.
A ReprimandLiriene (blowhard thug) talks with Lucien (travelling merchant). Something the merchant says turns the thug pale.
Thug LifeNyssa (bard) is warned about paying his fair share of "insurance" by a blowhard band of thugs.
Quenched SorrowsGareth (smith) gets drunk, and lets some things slip. It's obvious he needs help, but he's very proud of his capabilities.
Family RelationsGareth (smith) and Annell (bloody merchant) are spotted together. They are brothers and are trying to find Gyleon (shopkeeper's daughter).
The Missing GirlRumors circulate that Gyleon (shopkeeper's daughter) has gone missing.

Nyssa (bard)Proper and strict. Is tanned very dark.
Oren (guard)Negligent and mistrusting. Twists a ring incessantly.
Gareth (smith)Joyous and vacant. Chews on braid or lock of hair.
Liriene (blowhard thug)Graceful and pushy. Always late.
Gyleon (shopkeeper's daughter)Straight laced and coy. Has black eye.
Lucien (travelling merchant)Tireless and perfect. Stretches often.
Hilda (young thief)Envious and eccentric. Uses a parasol.
Annell (bloody merchant)Silky and eager. Picks at scabs or loose skin.

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