The Extortion Ring

The Bloody MerchantEllyn (shopkeeper) is found badly beaten behind his shop. He blames himself for taking out the trash so late and will not press charges.
The Missing GirlRumors circulate that Giles (shopkeeper's daughter) has gone missing.
Family RelationsLucien (smith) and Adric (bloody merchant) are spotted together. They are brothers and are trying to find Giles (shopkeeper's daughter).
Chain of CommandLiriene (guard captain) and Annell (travelling merchant) have a pleasant lunch. Their talk seems to be all business, and somewhat less than legal.
Quenched SorrowsLucien (smith) gets drunk, and lets some things slip. It's obvious he needs help, but he's very proud of his capabilities.
Thug LifeNyssa (bard) is warned about paying his fair share of "insurance" by a blowhard band of thugs.

Nyssa (bard)Hopeless and worthless. Rubs large belly often.
Liriene (guard captain)Rough and cross. Always seems intoxicated.
Ellyn (shopkeeper)Xenophobic and ethical. Wears ancient fashions.
Lucien (smith)Unresponsive and refined. Has braided hair.
Giles (shopkeeper's daughter)Sedate and slutty. Uses long words incorrectly.
Adric (bloody merchant)Demonic and fresh. Rubs chin.
Annell (travelling merchant)Studious and accident-prone. Has black eye.

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