The Extortion Ring

Family RelationsLiriene (smith) and Dania (bloody merchant) are spotted together. They are brothers and are trying to find Adric (shopkeeper's daughter).
Thug LifeGiles (bard) is warned about paying his fair share of "insurance" by a blowhard band of thugs.
Temporarily DetainedGyleon (guard) catches Ellyn (young thief) in the marketplace. They go into an alley where the guard takes something from the thief and lets him escape. They seem familiar with each other.
A ReprimandAnnell (blowhard thug) talks with Aeril (travelling merchant). Something the merchant says turns the thug pale.
Chain of CommandLocio (guard captain) and Aeril (travelling merchant) have a pleasant lunch. Their talk seems to be all business, and somewhat less than legal.
A Clandestine ExchangeA clandestine exchange occurs in a dark alley.

Giles (bard)Obsequious and flirty. Wears a monocle.
Locio (guard captain)Sexual and a night owl. Polishes a buckle often.
Gyleon (guard)Fair and punctual. Always seems intoxicated.
Liriene (smith)Poor and ill-bred. Bows before speaking and after.
Annell (blowhard thug)Noisy and ill-bred. Avoids crowds.
Aeril (travelling merchant)No purpose and hesitant. Sniffs often.
Ellyn (young thief)Soft-spoken and heartless. Wears a scarf around ankles.
Dania (bloody merchant)Enchanting and strident. Giggles inappropriately.
Adric (shopkeeper's daughter)Serious and miserly. Is underweight.

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