The Extortion Ring

Family RelationsHilda (smith) and Oren (bloody merchant) are spotted together. They are brothers and are trying to find Ellyn (shopkeeper's daughter).
The Bloody MerchantLocio (shopkeeper) is found badly beaten behind his shop. He blames himself for taking out the trash so late and will not press charges.
A Clandestine ExchangeA clandestine exchange occurs in a dark alley.
A ReprimandAnnell (blowhard thug) talks with Dania (travelling merchant). Something the merchant says turns the thug pale.
Quenched SorrowsHilda (smith) gets drunk, and lets some things slip. It's obvious he needs help, but he's very proud of his capabilities.
The Good LifeAdric (guard captain) wears subtle but extremely expensive adornment. Investigation reveals a lower-class upbringing and a moderate town salary.

Locio (shopkeeper)Brash and coy. Wears flower in hair.
Adric (guard captain)Egocentric and weird. Quotes a religious text frequently.
Hilda (smith)Brainy and sharp. Has a gold tooth.
Annell (blowhard thug)Meek and faith in self. Giggles inappropriately.
Dania (travelling merchant)Hopeful and dreamy. Wears clothes too small.
Oren (bloody merchant)Selfish and open-minded. Regularly blows stray hair out of eyes.
Ellyn (shopkeeper's daughter)Nuisance and enigmatic. Walks bow-legged.

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